The Tips of using Potato Harvester

The potato harvester is a farm harvester that using machinery to harvest potatoes. they. Then we will show you the tips of our potato harvester, hoping to help you.


The turning radius of the potato harvester used in daily life shouldn’t be too small. Otherwise, the wheel should be squeezed, causing personal injury or equipment damage.


Please make sure you are familiar with all the properties of the harvester before using it. The harvester can only be operated in the driver's position. Monitor the working condition of the harvester at any time during the operation of the machine. When a machine is running, bystanders should stay away from the machine, especially children, and those who do not understand it are forbidden to operate it.


Before repairing the potato harvester, we first lower the harvester or firmly support it, then turn off the engine to ensure that all moving parts stop working and reduce all system pressure.