BIA Efficient Low Breakage Rate middle duty Potato harvester
  • 1.Multifunctional:This potato harvester machine can used for harvesting varieties of underground plants.
    2.Wide adaptation:The machine is suitable for all kinds of soil, such as sandy soil, clayey soil and roam.
    3.Good performance:This potato harvesting equipment can harvest the potatoes without hurting the peel of the potatoes and harvest the potatoes with the potato vine.
    4.Easy operation:The machine is with simple and compact structure and can connect with the tractors easily.

  • ItemUnitModel and Specifications
    3 point Suspension
    Power Kw35-45  tractor35-45  tractor≥88 tractor
    Power input
    Universal joint
    Ridge widthmm≤650mm * 2 (2ridges)≤650mm * 2 (2ridges)750-950mm×2 (2ridges)  
    Productivity Ha/h0.3-0.40.35-0.50.7-1.2
    Work Depthmm100-200100-200280

Potato digger is machine that harvest potatoes. They work by lifting the potatoes from the bed using a share. Soil and crop are transferred onto a series of webs where the loose soil is sieved out. The potatoes are moved towards the back of the harvester on to a separation unit and then (on manned machines) to a picking table where people pick out the stones, clods, and haulms by hand. The potatoes then go on to a side elevator and into a trailer or a potato box