BIA-4K-50 Reaper Binder mini rice paddy cutting machine
  • 1.The Machine is mainly used to harvest and bind low stem crops such as wheat rice, barley, oats etc.

    2.Area Needs to retain intact straw

    3.Plain, hills, slopes, small field, etc.

  • Model4K50 
    Cutting width50cm
    Stubble heightLess than 8cm
    Rope typeSpecialized plastic
    Binding height29cm
    Dia of Bundle9-13cm adjustable
    Standard working capacity0.2-0.3 acre/hour

BIA-4K-50 Reaper Binder is a machinery for felling crops straw, then paving it neatly on the stubble, so that easy for the drying of crops, the operation is simple and comfortable, easy to work on a large area for a long time.This small machine is specially used for small farm land and special terrain where is difficult for big harvester machine to work.