BIA-4S-120 mini harvester reaper binder for rice and paddy cutting
  • 1. Cut and tie/bind automatically.

    2. Low stubble, cut cleanly, no missing.  

    3. High successful binding rate

    4. With differential system, easy to turn able to spin on spot

  • Model No.BIA-4S-120
    PowerPetrol engine 177F/Diesel 178F/182F/186F
    Size1850*1750*1060 mm
    Weight180 Kg
    Cutting Width120 cm
    Stubble heightLess than 8cm
    Cutting- platform WayVertical
    Binding height19cm
    Dia of Bundle9-13cm adjustable
    Standard working capacity0.4-0.8 acre/hour
    Loss Rate≤1% 
    Working line No.4 Lines

BIA-4S-120 Reaper Binder is a machinery for felling crops straw, then paving it neatly on the stubble, so that easy for the drying of crops, the operation is simple and comfortable, easy to work on a large area for a long time.This small machine is specially used for small farm land and special terrain where is difficult for big harvester machine to work.